If you are teaching yourself Spanish to retire

8 11 2010

South America is such an exceptionally vibrant continent, inhabited by passionate people who live life to the full.  As Lonely Planet puts it: “It’s as though the continent was built for travel.”  If you’re currently exploring your global options in search of the best place to retire, and you’re looking for a place where you can have a low cost yet high quality living, South America is home to a handful of nations that you might like to closely consider. Where ever you choose you need to teach yourself Spanish of course if you want to integrate into the local community.

Espacio Escultorico is a place of innovative art project in Mexico,

31 10 2010
Espacio Escultorico is a place of innovative art project in Mexico, located in the University Cultural Center. The sculpture garden at UNAM, is a popular gathering place for students and locals alike. The concrete wedges of this sculpture form a circle around a volcanic rock formation where visitors come to meditate. 


31 10 2010

Ten Spanish directors provide a wonderfully diverse group of shorts on the legacy of the Revolution that so shaped their country one hundred years on.

Spanish History is missing for many British school children

21 10 2010

Clueless British children think Spanish Armada is a national dish and Sir Walter Raleigh invented the bicycle

If you have begun to 

teach yourself Spanish you may be amazed that 

British children know little about their own culture, let alone the Spanish culture. British children reckon the Spanish Armada is a national dish, Walter Raleigh invented the bicycle and 18th Century explorer Captain Cook was the helm of Starship Enterprise, according to research released today. 

Frighteningly, a new survey also reveals that  many also think that the Battle of Waterloo was fought at the London rail terminal, Horatio Nelson captained the French football team in the Nineties… and  that thousands have never set foot in the sea.

Spanish Harlem

20 10 2010

Bad stuff is happening in Spanish Harlem. Gang turf wars are turning on gays. Society here has absolutely fallen apart.

Teach Yourself Spanish with the BBC

17 10 2010

The BBC offer help if you want to teach yourself Spanish. The BBC has a 

free website with audio, video, tests, games and even crossword puzzles. It’s Spain Spanish which there are a few differences between Latin American and European Spanish, but at this level, I’m not sure that’s a concern right now. Some of the pages go along with their TV series on the BBC, so those aren’t very helpful. But there is a lot there to explore. Don’t miss the Spanish Slang page.

Teach Yourself Spanish here or in a Spanish country?

16 10 2010

Sometimes people will say, “the only way to teach yourself Spanish is to go down and live there for a while.” Not true. This is great to do after you learn the language well, not before. Please understand that the fastest way to learn anything is to work from your strength, not your weakness. It is very difficult to learn in a vacuum. Your strength is your English, not your Spanish. 

In his classic book, “The Seven Laws of Teaching,” John Milton Gregory asserts that “the unknown must be learned from the known.” This is accepted in all valid forms of training. It is time we accept it in language training. It is faster, it is easier and it works. You do not, nor should you, learn in a vacuum. You learn best based on tangible, understood principles.